Why would a large customer reject IPv6?


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  • Smitha (Fastly)

    Hello and thank you for contacting Fastly Support!

    We offer dualstack option i.e., we support connections over IPv4 or IPv6 in the client <--> Fastly connection.  There would not really be a disadvantage with this option since either IPv4 or IPv6 is supported.

    If however, one were to choose IPv6-only TLS map for the client <--> Fastly connection then, there would be the downside of rejecting traffic over IPv4.

    “The particular company I’m referencing does not support IPv6 in their infra”
    I believe you are referring to the Fastly <--> backend connections. In this case, we only support IPv4.  We do not have an ETA for when we will rollout support for IPv6 in the Fastly <--> backend connection.

    As the volume of traffic over IPv6 increases, having dualstack at the Fastly edge allows you to reach the widest audience, without needing to invest in IPv6 infrastructure at your origin.

    If you have any further questions, please submit a support ticket by emailing support@fastly.com

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