Is Fastly better than Amazon CloudFront? Why?


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  • symakhan

    Hey Guys

    Last week I shared my Fastly CDN experience, and the incredible response from each of you motivated me to look deeper into this topic. Therefore, after scouring Google, here's all the information I collected about Fastly CDN that might be useful for others!

    1) FastlyCTL is a CLI tool for managing Fastly CDN services and configurations. It lets you quickly get detailed information about your CDN performance, modify settings, and manage caching rules from the command line. It also provides access to advanced features such as deploying new versions of VCL files or controlling cache purge operations.

    2) Fastly is generally better than Amazon CloudFront due to a few significant advantages. For one, it provides more features and customization options for optimizing your CDN setup. Additionally, Fastly typically has faster response times than CloudFront and is more reliable when dealing with high traffic volumes.

    3) Fastly triggers a 307 redirect when it detects that the requested file or content is present in an S3 regional (non-standard) bucket. This ensures that the content is served from the closest server to the user, resulting in improved loading speeds and overall performance.

    4) Finding the DNS name servers of Fastly is quite simple. You must locate the zone file associated with your domain and look for the ‘NS’ records. The NS records will list the name servers provided by Fastly for that particular domain.

    5) Fastly frequently offers discount codes and promotional deals for its users. You can find these codes on the company's website or through third-party websites that collect coupon codes. Additionally, Fastly also hosts special events and campaigns with discounts and giveaways. Some best coupon deals I found are:

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