Help doing analytics with video streaming data?


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  • Kendra

    Hi yanks18,

    Thanks for reaching out! Our Fastly control panel has a Historical Stats tool along with Real-Time analytics. Take a look at the Stats page and let us know if this fits what you're looking for. You have direct access to data we collect from the moment you first start using Fastly. Your metrics are displayed in an intuitive, graphical interface in our control panel and you can compare and contrast core metrics including hit ratio, cache coverage, origin latency and traffic.

    The Fastly Historical Stats API allows you to programmatically retrieve historical caching statistics derived from your Fastly services. You can use these metrics to help you optimize your site’s data caching and analyze your site’s traffic. Once you've set up metrics collection, you can use any of a number of third-party and open source software options to aggregate your logging data for visualization and further analysis.

    Happy analyzing!

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