According to test domain failure



  • Neal Panam

    That generally happens when the domain isn't responding to fastly's request for the page, or, it's taking too long to respond to fastly and times out.

  • DavidLuWei

    If have any reason due to I still did not setting IP block list, Override host , Server stale, Force TLS and HSTS, etc. the left column is still off. Request settings is ‘0’. Cache settings is ‘0’also.

  • Justin

    Hi David

    As nealmp mentioned there's likely a reason for the error but it will make sense to open a support ticket by emailing to so we can go into details with you.


  • DavidLuWei

    Hello Justin , Thanks for you reply. Ok, i will try to open a ticket for the issue support. Thanks in advance Best regards David

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