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  • Robert Coup

    Any details on what the various states returned by fastly_info.state are/mean? So far I've found: * HIT-CLUSTER * MISS-CLUSTER * HIT-WAIT-CLUSTER * HIT-WAIT * HIT * MISS

  • Pavel Kinev (CE CONT)

    We were able to load yet another custom VCL to enable the extended logging. We’re using SumoLogic as the log aggregator and the resulting logs are limited to only request types and http response codes. For example this is what we’re getting back in Sumo;

    <134>2017-04-10T17:29:05Z cache-atl6238 FASTLY-WFMCOM-DEV5[94020]: "-" "-" Mon, 10 Apr 2017 17:29:05 GMT GET /selwyn-500-test 200 Name: Http Input Category: wfmcomfastlydev5

    We’re using the following code in the VCL for the logging;

    sub vcl_log {

    FASTLY log

    set req.http.X-Shield = "0"; if (req.http.fastly-ff) { set req.http.X-Shield = "1"; }

    log {"syslog  xxxxx logging-endpoint :: "}
    {" client_ip="}     req.http.Fastly-Client-IP
    {" timestamp="}     now.sec
    {" reqmethod="}     req.request
    {" host="}
    {" url="}           {"""}req.url{"""}
    {" contenttype="}   resp.http.content-type
    {" status="}        resp.status
    {" response="}      {"""}resp.response{"""}
    {" infostate="}     fastly_info.state
    {" age="}           resp.http.age
    {" setcookie="}     {"""}resp.http.Set-Cookie{"""}
    {" size="}          resp.bytes_written
    {" pop="}           server.datacenter
    {" shield="}        req.http.x-shield
    {" fastlyregion="}  server.region
    {" clientcontinent="}     geoip.continent_code
    {" clientcountry="}       geoip.country_code
    {" clientregion="}        geoip.region
    {" referrer="}      {"""}req.http.referer{"""}
    {" useragent="}     req.http.Orig-User-Agent
    {" hits="}          obj.hits
    {" restarts="}      req.restarts
    {" elapsed="}       time.elapsed.msec
    {" ttl="}           obj.ttl
    {" grace="}         obj.grace;
    {" serving stale content="} fastly_info.state;
    # server.identity == cachenode and POP


    Could you please explain why we don’t see any of the above data in our logs from Fastly? What are we doing wrong?

  • Kami Richey

    Hi @pavel.kinev,

    The reason you're not seeing logs is there isn't a logging endpoint created for your service. While you can use custom VCL to configure your log output, you will still need to first create the logging endpoint either in the UI or with our API.

    If you create it using the UI, you'll want to attached a condition in the UI that will always be false, for example: Apply if: !req.url Then you can use custom VCL for your logging endpoint.

    If you use the API, you can also set the always false condition or you can use placement: none when setting up the logging endpoint to achieve the same behavior.

    If you have other questions or issues setting up your logging endpoints, open a support ticket and include your service ID and name of the logging endpoint.

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