VCL: Is it possible to Asynchronously forward Request to a backend



  • Amir Yalon

    Hi Michael,

    It would be interesting to see your actual question answered, but just to give you another option to think about: streaming logs. In this type of request, instruct the edge to deliver a static response without contacting the origin, and at the same time send an event to a log destination. The log events would then be collected and processed asynchronously by your backend software.

    Yours, Amir

  • Amir Yalon

    See also this nice writeup on the subject: Beacon termination at the edge.

  • techreb

    Thank you so much. I could use syslog. But, i need to setup a syslog server for this. I have REST-API based log server. Is there a way i can post my log by just posting the log to my REST-API. I see logshuttle, which is based on HTTPS. Is there anything for HTTP?


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