How much Storage Space



  • Justin

    Hi Shani

    When you use Fastly during the free trial period we give you a $50 credit to test with while you get an idea of the services and features we offer. You can see how we charge on our pricing page but that $50 will give you much more than 100GB of traffic. Just to clarify, we don't bill on the amount of space your content takes up on our cache servers but on the number of requests and the bandwidth used. After you convert to a paid account you'll be billed monthly on the same basis, with a $50 minimum.

  • Shani

    So should I take your answer as Unlimited Storage? My cache can grow indefinitely.

  • Austin Spires

    @Shani yes -- we don't have a concept of "storage costs" in billing. You're only billed for objects served out of the CDN.

  • Shani

    @aspires - I am not asking for storage costs. I am just asking for storage limits if I want to cache objects on your CDN. What are "Storage Limits"? Can I cache objects of 500GB for let's say 10 days on your CDN?

  • Austin Spires

    Hi @Shani we don't have storage limits. Cache as much as you'd like!

  • Shani

    Thanks @aspires. That's the answer I was looking for.

    Way to Go!

  • Peter Wohlers

    Hey- for a bit more clarity, we can cache individual objects up to 5GB each. We don't have a time limit per se, as long as the objects are accessed with some regularity. Different objects might get evicted due to disuse sooner depending upon how busy a POP is or potentially the size of the object. i.e. the 5GB object might fall out of a cache sooner than a 5k object if the POP is busy and the objects aren't being accessed.

  • Sean Hayes

    Is this answer still current?

    What's the criteria for "disuse"? Does the cache-control header have to indicate expiration, or could a cacheable object get removed sooner? How long would it have to go without being accessed?

  • Sean Hayes

    Thanks. Since Switching to Fastly, I've noticed that the "Time spent downloading a page" as reported by Google Search Console has steadily gone up (started around 300ms, now 450ms). The bytes per page haven't changed. I assumed this was from Google hitting uncached content, so I tried setting longer TTLs, but it doesn't seem to have done anything.

  • Steven Chuob


    The community might not be the best place to troubleshoot I recommend opening a support ticket by sending an email to

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