Which header gives me timing information about requests?



  • Robert Coup

    Does the X-Timer VE number and the time.elapsed/time.end variables measure the time-to-first-byte? Or the time until all the data has been sent & received by the client? Or something else?

    If it's not TTFB, is there a way to get that data?

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  • Cassandra Dixon
    • The header X-Timer will give you something along the lines of the following:

      • X-Timer: S1410218655.631229,VS0,VE56
      • time we received request, time.start, time.end
    • time.elapsed: would measure the time the request hits our server and when we deliver the first byte in the response (TTFB)

    • In vcl_log time.elapsed: would show the delta of when the request hit our server to when the response is fully delivered

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