Europe POPs only



  • Justin

    There are a few Fastly CNAMEs that you can use to use our service. Using will allow you to use POPs in the USA and EU, while using will get you POPs globally. However, there's currently no EU-only CNAME.

    See here for more details.

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  • Gaylin Walli

    Thanks for the answer, Justin. Can this be requested as a feature?

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  • Richard Alpagot

    A regional map can be requested via if you have a hosted TLS product with us. It's important to consider the implications of this as you can affect the experience/performance of clients connecting to your services.

    For shared maps we generally offer the granularity of:

    • dualstack. prefix for a shared map
    • eu-us (in place of global) - at the time of writing, traffic is priced the same for these and are the cheapest regions to serve from.
    • The standard global map.

    Note: Using the Anycast A record provided with your relevant map, routes globally to PoPs.

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