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  • Cassandra Dixon

    Hi Yoni,

    Fastly has a request collapsing feature enabled by default. Request Collapsing causes simultaneous cache misses within a single Fastly data center to be "collapsed" into a single request to an origin. Our help document provide more details in how this feature's behavior- Request Collapsing.

    In addition to having request collapsing, another option would be to use Origin Shielding where you designate a datacenter closest to your origin as a "shield". If the edge servers do not have the content being requested, they fetch it from the shield server instead of your origin. Only when the shield server does not have the content being requested will Fastly send one request to your origin to fetch the content.

  • Rogier Mulhuijzen

    Hi Yoni,

    We currently do not have any long poll capabilities. Sorry. :disappointed:



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