Fastly + Terraform : CI/CD



  • Andrew Betts

    Hi Alexandre,

    Do you have a separate terraform definition for each of your services? If so, terraform should only affect one service when you apply the definition. If you are defining all your services in the same terraform file, then all services will be considered every time you apply the definition. Currently, due to limitations in our terraform provider, services that haven't changed may still end up largely deleted and recreated because we are not able to understand the changes effectively when building the terraform plan. We are working on improving our provider and expect to be able to do better here soon.


  • MARLOT Alexandre

    Hello Andrew,

    For now, we didn't take any decision about our terraform organization as we are going to start. But my idea was to do one server=one folder=one terraform file which seems to be what you recommand.

    My concern is how to handle CI/CD with so much terraform file and apply them individually. Do you have any feedback from others customers or any recommandation ?

    Ideally if we update one terraform file, it should trigger ONLY the associated terraform init & plan. If we commit several terraform file (one by service) > It should trigger all those associated terraform init & plan we updated. We are starting to use Fastly WAF and very soon PerimeterX and it can definitivelly start to be a mess if we don't use infrastructure as code correctly.

    Does it make sense ?

    Thanks Alexandre

  • Andrew Betts

    I think the answer here is likely to be specific to your particular workflow and toolchain. If you're working with a Fastly sales engineer on your onboarding, I'd talk to them about it, otherwise email and we can get into the weeds with you.

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