503 backend read error after 60seconds



  • Jonathan Dade

    For HTTP requests this should be working for you as configured, but this sounds like very long held connections over TLS. Fastly uses a separate tool for terminating TLS in our Points of Presence. This has a hard time out of 60 seconds for connections to ensure that these cannot be exhausted, maintaining a reliable service for all our customers.

    If this is affecting all your requests, I'd recommend configuring a failure page for requests which are timing out while you look into the causes. If the slow requests are a limited subset of your requests like report generation, I'd recommend that the could bypass the CDN as reports are commonly user-specific and unlikely to see much benefit of our caching.

    If you need a more detailed reply, please contact support@fastly.com and we can dig into your specific needs.

  • Christoph

    Hej Jonathan! Thanks for the answer above! We already had contact via support@fastly.com and we solved the case by the workaround you mentioned, hitting the backend directly for those sort of requests.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • stanleegoodspeed

    @clupprich how did you end up bypassing the CDN? I am encountering a similar issue

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