Ways to handle large VCL files


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  • Andrew Langhorn

    Our VCL files contain ACLs limiting certain HTTP request methods to certain CIDR ranges. I have played around with using includes in VCL to ensure consistency of ACLs across our VCL templates, and I blogged a bit about how they're used at http://ajlanghorn.com/2015/05/varnish-includes/

    The branch is sat by the wayside right now whilst I build the same thing in ERB so we can pre-process before handing off the generated version to Fastly. Pre-processing in this way would follow our convention for doing this sort of stuff, but other than a few tweaks to the way you deploy your VCL (include files have to be marked separately), I see no real issue with the way this works over the use of the ERB templates.

    It would be interesting to hear how you get on.

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