Does Fastly Support Custom VMODs



  • Austin Spires

    @aintgoin2goa We don't support external VMODs, but can you link me to the VMOD source? There may be a way to replicate the functionality in our VCL.

  • Rogier Mulhuijzen

    You can also request certain VMODs to be included on our platform. If the source for it is clean, scales well and has no security ramifications, there's a decent chance we'll bake it in.

    Things that usually don't pass the bar are VMODs that use significant amounts of resources, large libraries or like to open arbitrary network connections.

    Especially things built on libcurl are out of the question, as creative use of restart is usually just as good, and more resource efficient. We have several customers who use restarts to authenticate requests. Can you expand on your usecase?

  • aintgoin2goa

    Hi guys, thanks for the replied. We're currently using restarts to achieve this, but there was some internal debate about the best way to do it. I'm satisfied now that we've taken the right approach. Thanks again for your time.

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