Verifying origin cache related headers



  • Amir Yalon

    In custom VCL, you can add:

    In sub vcl_fetch, close to the top:

    set beresp.http.X-Origin-Cache-Control = beresp.http.Cache-Control;

    And in sub vcl_deliver:

    if (!req.http.Fastly-Debug) {
        unset resp.http.X-Origin-Cache-Control;

    This will make sure to always attach the X-Origin-Cache-Control value to the cached object, but will only expose it to the client if Fastly-Debug is on.

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  • vijaycs85

    Fastly respects standard response headers from origin. So unless you add a custom rule to remove it, always get the Cache-Control header (of origin) in your client even without Fast-Debug.

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