Please Help Me Get Started - No caching needed, no content returned, custom logging


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  • Hiro

    Hi eddified-,

    Yes, you can fully control how Fastly serves the cache to the client through VCL.

    To answer your question:

    a) Yes, vcl_log will be executed after the content is delivered through vcl_deliver. If you want to utilize vcl-json-generate for the logging, you will need to do either VCL snippets or custom VCL. However, I'd recommend setting up the syslog from Logging tab on Fastly UI.

    b) Correct - unless you attach a condition to the logging.

    c) Yes, you can implement originless service through Fastly. You can serve the custom HTML response from the edge. As you mention always 200 OK with no content, I'd suggest working around with synthetic response. If you select 200 OK and don't attach any condition to the custom response, it will always return 200 with no content to the client.

    If you need more specific supports for logging or custom responses, please feel free to reach out to us at

    Best, Hiro

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