Is it possible to view cost of bandwidth for each domain?



  • Justin

    You can only see a billing breakdown per domain if you have 1 domain per service. This post outlines how you can so that:

  • Bijal Patel

    HI Justin thanks for your reply, what I'm actually looking for is a way get the total bandwidth of a service per month and then to use that to work out the cost per service.

  • Rogier Mulhuijzen

    See It splits out the bandwidth and requests per service. Here's the relevant part of the example response:

    "services": { "2LrVBc3muQ92X2a0ZT083Z": { "asia": { "bandwidth": 0.0, "requests": 0.0, "ssl_requests": 0.0 }, "australia": { "bandwidth": 0.0, "requests": 0.0, "ssl_requests": 0.0 }, "europe": { "bandwidth": 5.448237061500549e-06, "requests": 6.0, "ssl_requests": 0.0 }, "latam": { "bandwidth": 0.0, "requests": 0.0, "ssl_requests": 0.0 }, "name": "Example Service Name", "usa": { "bandwidth": 4.7101639211177826e-05, "requests": 52.0, "ssl_requests": 0.0 } }, },

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