Stale-while-revalidate and cache MISSes question



  • Austin Spires

    At the risk of being "that person" who gives nonanswers, it depends :smile:

    If the object is highly requested, there shouldn't be user-facing cache misses, but it's hard to tell from one request alone.

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  • anon42851830

    Why are you sending a -H "Cache-Control: no-cache"? I don't know what that does from when in a request and it probably has nothing to do with the miss but it might.

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  • Peter Wohlers

    I think the reason for the MISS can be found here:

    Cache-Control: public, max-age=600

    Objects that have TTL of less than 3700 seconds don't get written to disk and are only stored in RAM which means the object will get lost to churn in less time than the week-long SWR timer.

    How often does the object actually change?

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