Edge Dictionaries - Limitations / possible enhancements


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  • Squee

    Hi Chaim,

    Excellent questions. 

    While we do have a limit of 1000 entries by default, we can bump up your edge dictionary limit. We would need to know the service ID you would like to have bumped. We generally just double your current limit and see if that's enough for you to get going.

    I would just like to note that there is a performance hit to your service for large dictionary entries. Any time you update the entries and deploy that updated VCL to all the nodes, there is a sort of geometric load time increase with expanding dictionaries - meaning, a 2000 entry dictionary will actually load 3-4x slower than a 1000 entry dictionary. But that only is an issue when you're deploying the VCL (updating the dictionary or changing the VCL function code). That performance hit won't actually impact the time we take to process a request. 

    As for expiring entries, we don't have that functionality on our end. However, you could look into using our Edge Dictionary API to automate the process on your end. While it's not a perfect solution, I believe it will meet your needs.

    Feel free to follow up with questions here, or you can email support@fastly.com if you have questions specific to your service.

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