new VCL syntax warnings - maybe make optional?




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    Katherine Flavel

    Hi there, I added these new warnings. I think you're right, it's an awful lot of output! Thank you for mentioning it.

    We've turned them down a notch - you should only see newly-introduced warnings about regexps matching hostnames and paths, now. And we've added scrolling to the UI element where they're displayed, so they don't push everything else off the screen. I hope that improves things a bit.

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  • Smitha (Fastly)

    Thank you for your feedback, JD.

    We are glad you like our new feature, it has generated great feedback.  Our engineering teams are aware and are working on refining the UX.

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  • JD Weiner

    Thank you, Katherine!  That's some fast turnaround!  The new scrolling layout is definitely better.

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