• Eden

    Hi JD,

    South Korea is indeed a very wired nation. Our architecture is purposefully designed to serve higher traffic but with a lower global footprint. Even though we do not currently have physical presence in Korea, our performance measures up very well even in comparison to those who are located there. There are a lot of things that we take into consideration when adding a POP. How wired a location is would only be one of those considerations. However, as Fastly continues to grow its network footprint it will be adding new service POPs in the process. South Korea might get a pop in the future. We'll announce new POP locations and new billable regions in advance through our network status page at

    You can also check our current POP locations here. It shows both current and planned locations:

    Thank you for your request. We value and appreciate the feedback!

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  • Jaemin Hwang

    I'm based in South Korea. Honestly, there are several global CDN like Akamai, Limelight, AWS CF, and also there are local CDN like SK, LG, KT and etc. All of these global CDN guys have Korean POP. When AWS started in Korea, they don't have any POP in Korea. but, now, they have huge infra in Korea and a huge business opportunity in Korea region. The Korean Tech guys think Fastly's Edge innovation is good. but, they are considering the POP in the region. if you don't have any POP in Korea(even 1 POP). they will not try to research or use it. because they think it's worse than other CDNs in Korea region. but, if you have a POP in Korea and inform it, I think you can see the increase in traffic. they are looking for Korean POP. even I have the opportunity to use CDN, I can't propose yours. If we have some POP in Korea, it would be good to introduce. I hope Korean POPs are coming soon.

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