How to find DNS Name-Servers of Fastly



  • Soh Thong

    There aren't any name servers to use from Fastly, you usually would set name servers for your chosen DNS manager so that they can be authoritative for your domain. Normally your domain's registrar automatically sets the name server to themselves and handles your DNS, but you can manually change this on their interface to point to the DNS manager of your choice. The name servers are different for each DNS manager provider so you'll need to check their documentation for it. 

    If there's something specific you're looking to do on Fastly that you can't figure out, though, feel free to open up a ticket with us so that we can help further.

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  • شان

    how can i activate free CDN?

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  • Dara Roberts

    Hi there, 

    Just head over to and hit the `Try Fastly Free` button to start using Fastly. 

    Feel free to write into support at for more assistance. 



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