Compute@Edge Tail logging from Javascript does not show anything


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  • Elizabeth Ortiz

    Hi Vojtech,

    In your provided code, the correct implementation for log-tailing would be the 2nd option, using:



    According to our documentation on live monitoring the 1st option would be incorrect:

    Data sent to named log endpoints is not included in log tailing output. 


    Please note that log-tailing only works on deployed services, they do not work on local testing as the local test server and Fastly Fiddle display all log output automatically.


    The command you provided looks correct however log-tailing also requires a API token using the -t flag:

    fastly log-tail --service-id=SERVICE_ID --verbose -t <API-TOKEN>


    If you are seeing an output similar to this then the log-tail command is connecting correctly:

    Fastly API token provided via --token
    Fastly API endpoint:
    Service ID (via --service-id): <SERVICE-ID>

    INFO: Managed logging enabled on service <SERVICE-ID>


    If you are still having trouble getting output using the log-tail command then please reach out to and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot this further. 

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