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  • JD Weiner created a post,

    "Canary" logic at Fastly?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to do a kind of canary deployment of Fastly configuration itself.  That is, I want to roll out a new configuration version, but only have x% of traffic go to that new...

  • JD Weiner commented,

    Thanks, Dara.  I suppose that is as good a way as exists, although it doesn't account for services like Image Optimization, right?  I might put this in as a feature request, since it seems like it ...

  • JD Weiner created a post,

    Billing breakdown by service?

    Is there a way to view a billing breakdown by service without going back to Fastly support every time?  There is the billing API (https://developer.fastly.com/reference/api/account/billing/) but th...

  • JD Weiner created a post,

    setting bereq.http headers in vcl_fetch doesn't work?

    I'm trying to set some headers on the backend request, and it's not working. https://developer.fastly.com/reference/vcl/variables/miscellaneous/bereq-http/ says "bereq.http. STRING, can be read, se...

  • JD Weiner created a post,

    feature request: European Union geolocation

    We love the geolocation features, but we had to write some custom logic to determine if a given country was in the European Union or not, because Europe and the European Union are not geographicall...

  • JD Weiner commented,

    Thank you, Katherine!  That's some fast turnaround!  The new scrolling layout is definitely better.

  • JD Weiner created a post,

    request: POP in South Korea!

    South Korea is one of the most wired nations on earth (cf. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/02/why-south-korea-global-broadband-leader). Please consider setting up a POP there!  It would save eve...

  • JD Weiner created a post,

    new VCL syntax warnings - maybe make optional?


    It looks like Fastly is now doing more syntax checking of VCL and emitting more warnings?  This is very cool, but could it maybe be an option, or collapsible?  We have a very large and complex VCL ...

  • JD Weiner commented,

    Oh yeah, now that you explain it, it makes sense.  :^) Thanks!

  • JD Weiner commented,

    Thank you, Dara, this looks really useful!  I've tested it in one of our services, and it looks like it does exactly what I need; the only other change that has to be made is to explicitly log "req...